Vocational Training (AEVS) | Aesthetics
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Beauty Care (21)

Code: 5839 / 87 credits / DVS

The aesthetics vocational training program aims to train aestheticians.

As part of their tasks, aestheticians administer aesthetic care to different clients, with the help of techniques that use specialized products and equipment, with the goal of improving and maintaining a person’s appearance, and this, also producing physical and psychological well being.

Before starting treatment, the aesthetician gathers information from the client. The skin, nails and body hair are examined as needed.

The aesthetician performs basic or specific aesthetic care for the face, neck, chest, back, hands and feet. An aesthetician can apply makeup for an occasion, and can remove hair from different parts of the body using specialized products.

Furthermore, an aesthetician offers consultation services, sells care packages, cosmetic products and personalized services. They plan and organize their work, perform receptionist duties, ensure client follow up, perform administrative tasks and take care of the work place and materials. Aestheticians also make sure to stay up to date in their training.


1305 hours (DVS)



Day / Evening


Laurier Macdonald Vocational Centre
5025 Jean-Talon East
   St. Leonard (Quebec) H1S 3G6

(514) 374-4278
(514) 374-4403
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