International Studies (AEVS) | Travel Sales
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Travel Sales

Food Services and Tourism (03)

Code: 5736 / 83 credits / Diploma of Vocational Studies

The Travel Sales program is based on a framework for developing vocational education programs that calls for the participation of experts from the workplace and the field of education.


The program of study is developed in terms of competencies, expressed as objectives. These objectives are divided into modules. Various factors were kept in mind in developing the program: training needs, the job situation, purposes, goals, and strategies and means used to attain objectives.


The program of study lists the competencies that are the minimum requirements for a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) for students in both the youth and adult sectors. It also provides the basis for organizing courses, planning teaching strategies, and designing instructional and evaluation materials.


1 245 hours (DVS)





St. Pius X Career Centre
9955 Papineau Ave
   Montreal (Quebec) H2B 1Z9

(514) 381-5440
(514) 381-1124