International Studies (AEVS) | Food and Beverage Services
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Food and Beverage Services

Sector: Food Services and Tourism (03)

Code: 5793 / 64 credits / Diploma of Vocational Studies

The vocational training curriculum, from which this program of study derives, is the responsibility of both the Ministère de l’Éducation, which develops programs and their teaching guides, and the educational institutions, which implement the programs and the evaluation process. Programs of study include compulsory objectives and suggestions for competency-related knowledge, skills and attitudes.


Programs of study provide teachers with a frame of reference for planning teaching activities. They define the scope of teaching strategies by identifying the broad educational orientations to be favoured and the objectives to be attained. By successfully completing a program, students acquire not only the entry-level competencies required by the workplace in order to practise a trade or occupation, but also learning that provides students with a certain degree of versatility.


960 hours (DVS)





St. Pius X Career Centre
9955 Papineau Ave
   Montreal (Quebec) H2B 1Z9

(514) 381-5440
(514) 381-1124