International Studies (AEVS) | Starting a Business
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Starting a Business

Administration, Commerce and Computer Technology (01)

Code: 5764 / 120 credits / Attestation of Vocational Specialty

To help students acquire the competencies required to successfully integrate into the place of training and the business world, to determine their suitability for their business proposal and the training process, to follow procedures necessary for starting and running a business, to research and process information, to prepare a business plan outline, to plan business activities, to determine market analysis, marketing and sales strategies, to determine the human, material and physical resources needed to start and run a business and to organize and process the information needed to secure business financing.


330 hours (AVS)



Day / Evening


St. Pius X Career Centre
9955 Papineau Ave
   Montreal (Quebec) H2B 1Z9

(514) 381-5440
(514) 381-1124
Shadd Health & Business Centre
1000 Old Orchard Ave.
   Montreal (Quebec) H4A 3A4

(514) 484-0485
(514) 484-5788