International Students

French Program designed for international students enrolled in vocational training program

Length of Program

Approximately 800 hours
12 hours of classes per week

Educational Support

Educational Resource support available

3 Course Locations

(*location is always subject to change depending on enrollment)
JFK Adult Education Centre
Pius Career Centre
Shadd health and Business Centre

Recognized French equivalency

A 5 level French program concluding with FRE-5101-1 & FRE-5103-2 integrated into LEVEL 5. Courses FRE-5101-1 & FRE-5103-2, together, are recognized as an equivalent to Level 7 (Intermediate Advanced) of the Echelle Québécoise des Niveaux de Compétence en Français (MIDI)

French program content

The French program consists of 5 levels
Level 1: 175 hours (approximate)
Level 2: 175 hours (approximate)
Level 3: 150 hours (approximate)
Level 4: 150 hours (approximate)
Level 5: 150 hours (approximate)


Registration Requirement

Complete electronic application form to be submitted online

Identification Requirements

- Valid passport
- Study permit
- Birth certificate (translated)

Final marks

The passing mark is 60%. Marks between 40% and 60%; possibility of a re-write, extra hours of tutoring may be deemed necessary, the EMSB administration has the final say in authorizing this re-write. Marks under 40% require repeating the class.

Cheating : Zero tolerance

Student caught cheating will automatically be suspended from the program for a minimum of 3 months with the possibility of complete expulsion at the discretion of EMSB Administration.


Full payment of semester due by and /or on the 1st day of classes, payable only by Canadian bank draft or Money Order to be issued to the English Montreal School Board

Refund Policy

Tuition is non-refundable once classes have started

Extra fees

There is a charge of $150 for any change or transfer request

Course material

Course book(s) and handouts are included in tuition

Course Location

Shadd Health & Business Centre


1000 Old Orchard Street, Montreal H4A 3A4

Metro: Vendome Bus: 90 West

John F. Kennedy Adult Education Centre


3030 Villeray Street, Montreal H2A 1E7

Metro: St. Michel

PIUS Culinary and Business Centre


9955 Papineau Avenue,
Montreal Quebec H2B 1Z9

Metro: Sauvé / Papineau

Application forms

Classes start as soon as a group is full.
On-going registration and on–going starts.
Registration for the EMSB FRENCH PROGRAM is now open!